5 Proven Ways to Engage Millennials

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More than 1 in 3 American workers today are Millennials (adults age 18-34 in 2015), making them the largest age group in the American workforce. While they are the most educated, culturally diverse, and tech-savvy workers on the job market, they are more likely to leave their jobs after a couple of years in search of another one that will help them move closer to self-fulfillment and success. Before you stereotype them as lazy and careless, you need to understand that these workers are ambitious go-getters and need to feel as though they are doing meaningful work. To engage millennials more effectively, you need to understand them better- find out their motivations, goals, and dislikes.

engage millennials5 Simple Strategies to Engage Millennials!

1.Offer More Flexibility

According to the 2016 Deloitte Millennial Survey, work-life balance was the most important driver of employer choice. They don’t like the idea of having set working hours and being glued to a desk for most of their day. These workers also love being able to work remotely, especially since most work can be done from anywhere with internet.

One of the worst things an employer can do to an employee is telling them that they need to dedicate all of their time to their job. That’s a sure way to decrease employee retention. Everyone has lives outside of work and can’t be in work mode 24/7. Allow team members to spend some time each week to work on a personal project or hobby. This not only helps fulfill their passion, but it also helps employees to take on a leadership role, develops their problem solving skills & creativity, and makes them feel more loyal to the company.

2.Explain The Company Vision

If you want to engage millennials effectively, you need them to understand the purpose of their work and the mission of the company. These workers want to feel as though they can make an impact. If they don’t see any meaning in their roles and don’t understand the vision, they will most likely feel undervalued and their performance will take a plunge.

3.Give Them Mentors

A difference between millennials and older generations is that they appreciate having a more successful person show assist them to reach their goals. A great mentor will help with their professional development, and provide constructive criticism and positive reinforcement.

4.Invest In Them

This generation is committed to personal growth and achievement. According to a 2012 survey by Adecco, 68 percent of recent graduates identified good opportunities for growth as a top professional priority. If you don’t plan to invest in their professional development and well-being you are doing your company a disservice. Millennials want to improve and be given the opportunity test out their new skills, so provide them the tools and resources to do so.

5.Give Them Time For Community Service

To make work more meaningful for millennials, consider offering community service activities. These employees prioritize helping those in need and making the world a better place. Try dedicating hours or days each month to giving back to your local community. Besides working for the greater good, volunteer work is great for team-building because it develops emotional intelligence and encourages your team to connect in ways that would never occur in the office.

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