The Voice-Driven AI Companion for Better Habits and Improving Outcomes in 5 Minutes a day

62% of employers report a reduction in health care costs due to wellness programs.

Every dollar spent on wellness brings a return on investment of $2.

88% of US adults have below average rates of health literacy

One Stop Wellness

Empowering Employees while Saving Money with Better Health Literacy

The One Stop Wellness app delivers a personalized wellness program to support employees in their journey to behavior change and increased health literacy. Advanced AI algorithms predicts and prevents health risks for your employees. Our platform offers personalized on-demand videos, real-time activity tracking, user-friendly medical reports, and daily check-ins to empower individuals and elevate company health metrics. Experience personalized healthcare with AI-generated guided doctor questions, ensuring a better patient experience and improved outcomes.

  • “If your goal is to transform your body through a lifestyle of healthy eating then One Stop Wellness is the program. Romy's understanding of nutritional science combined with custom meal plans and coaching makes losing weight simple, doable, and sustainable over time.”

    W. Kennedy United Nations
  • "My job is very challenging and at times it was hard to communicate to you, but you were always making sure that you reached out to make sure that I was doing okay. It was a pleasure to have had you as my coach and I can’t wait to work with you in the future not only the meal plan but also the workout."

    C. Borja Face Group
  • "Romy was asked to participate on a Health & Wellness panel at the AHA Workplace Health Solutions Symposium the summer of 2016. In addition, he also was part of the Move and Get Physical part of the program where he offered tips on becoming active while sitting at your desk. He is well respected by Human Resources professionals, and continues to be an integral part of our Health and Wellness presenters team, providing a vast menu of health and wellness services to large and small audiences."

    E. Perez American Heart Association
  • "After going through a difficult year and feeling not motivated, the health coaches at One Stop Wellness got me back on track. I’ve always been an athlete but when it comes to the gym I always struggled with routines and what days to do what. The program not only motivated me but taught me how to eat on certain days of training. In 30 days I lost 6 pounds and I am starting to see definition in my arms and top of my stomach."

    M. Cleary Physical Medicine and Rehab Center of Orlando
  • "One Stop Wellness held a Wellness Fair at the WeWork Soho West location. Their team is very professional well organized, and very knowledgeable about Health & Wellness. They spoke about different ways how our members can maximize their time at work and ways to increase productivity. If you or your organization is looking for a wellness program for your employees I highly recommend Romy and his team at "One Stop Wellness".

    J. Joseph WeWork
  • "One Stop Wellness provided fun and engaging workshops for our employees. I believe our employees took a lot out of the exercises and really enjoyed themselves. We will be having him back!"

    Z. Rubiola San Antonio Humane Society

Ready to Rethink Employee Well-being?

Fast Implementation, Engagement and Wellness Reports

One Platform That Does It All


Create a baseline to measure population health program effectiveness. Using employee biometric screening and self assessment data to feed our data science algorithms, we can identify potential health risks. The goal is for employees to engage with their clinicians to discuss any issues before they progress.


Employees now can have access to exclusive an high quality, on-demand wellness video library created by engaging, credentialed experts.  All workouts and classes are 12 minutes or less and designed to keep employees motivated and not waste time. Personalized course recommendations powered by AI.

Voice Enabled

Empowering employees to decode their health language, One Stop Wellness simplifies medical terms for user control and actionable change. With our Amazon Alexa skill, users can effortlessly track wellness goals and access personalized health content through voice commands, making health education fun, simple, and accessible.

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