5 Pillars of Workplace Well-being (Video)

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Workplace wellness programs have evolved over the years, and are much more than step contests or weight loss challenges. As an HR or Benefits professional, you want your employees to be happy, healthy, and safe, right? This means you need to implement the best comprehensive wellness program to allow them to thrive in all dimensions of wellness, while keeping them motivated to adopt healthy behaviors. Here’s what your workplace well-being solution needs to best engage your workforce while keeping them healthy in the new, virtual workspace.

5 Pillars of Virtual Corporate Wellness

Deep Personalization

By now everyone knows that one-size-fits-all does not work! All companies are unique – from their employees to their goals and even management needs – so they need a program personalized to them. However, it cannot just stop at the company level. Each employee has different health needs, lifestyles, and goals – they need to have a program that helps them to thrive personally and professionally. For the highest engagement, employers need to know that their employees are having a personalized experience and receiving support. A comprehensive workplace wellness program will meet your employees where they are, provide coaching with follow up, and have the content that they need at that point in time.

Best practices for personalization:

  • Frequently assess and determine each user’s immediate needs and interests
  • Personalize programs to help improve unhealthy habits and reduce health risks
  • Provide recommendations based on each employee’s engagement patterns and behaviors

Premium On-Demand Videos

What is the point of implementing a program that has all the bells and whistles only to find out that the content is being poorly consumed by your employees? The best wellness programs have a comprehensive content library of videos and downloadable resources. Content should be customized to your company’s initiatives and your employees’ interests. Send out an employee interest survey to determine the most popular responses and work on a content strategy. Digital content is extremely important; however, it must be designed and executed perfectly, otherwise there will be a high drop off rate.

Best practices for digital content:

  • Must be easily accessible
  • Must be designed to work across all devices
  • Must be designed and taught by credentialed experts
  • Must be short and interactive

Social Engagement  

The secret to improving your company’s culture is to build communities. They can be developed around common interests, goals, or concerns. The more connected employees are, the more likely they are to connect and have a better work experience. With the pandemic causing most workplaces to shift to virtual, the need for community is greater than ever since face-to-face interaction is almost non-existent. Any opportunity you have to build a sense of community in your company should not be taken for granted and that alone may way to increase morale and retention.

Best practices for boosting social engagement:

    • Allow users to share their successes on a leader board
  • Provide users with access to experts
  • Provides users with access to wellness challenges

Whole-Person Focused

Wellness programs need to include multiple dimensions of well-being to truly help employees to create healthy habits. A 2019 Shortlister Industry Report stated that 90% of companies are shifting from an outcomes-based single point solution to a comprehensive, participation-based program.

Components of a comprehensive wellness program:

  • Physical wellness
  • Emotional wellness
  • Social wellness
  • Financial wellness

 Actionable Analytics

Setting clearly defined goals and objects will set you up for success. Reporting tools and detailed analytics are a must to track the success of your company’s wellness program. However, success should not be the only metric being tracked. Real-time data can be used to create a benchmark and provide you with analytics that can help to improve and further customize your wellness program. You will have better insight on how your employees are engaging with the program, what the most common health risks/concerns are, understand the best content pieces, and even how the incentives are being utilized.

Some key elements of effective analytics:

  • Real-time dashboards
  • Privacy best-practices
  • Integration with wearable devices
  • Data visualization and insights
  • On-demand custom reports

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