Converge 2: Transforming Health Literacy through Ethical AI

Health disparities persist, and our app leverages the power of Ethical AI and voice to bridge gaps, empower individuals, and ensure a truly inclusive health journey.

Much like medical visit notes, our app ensures that health information is not just understood but empowers users to proactively manage their well-being. We go beyond data, telling the full patient story and providing actionable steps for improved outcomes. Welcome to a new era of accessible and innovative health literacy, designed to reach and benefit underserved and rural communities.

Health Empowerment w/ Multi-Modal Data Integration

  • Real-time wearable data, voice (Alexa) self-assessments, content engagement, blood work, biometrics, and medical notes.

Ethical AI Integration for Inclusive Health Literacy

  • Addressing disparities, focusing on social determinants of health
  • Reducing bias, racism, ensuring cultural competence, and ethics.

Accessible Health Literacy & Improved Outcomes

Complex medical data is summarized at a 5th-grade level for easy understanding, complemented by AI-driven language adaptation, ensuring communication in the user’s primary language and fostering inclusivity and provided via voice for increased accessibility.

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Personalized Insights to Save Lives

Alexa Skill Demo (Old Version)